Revolutionary No Code AI Platform

Transform Your IT Helpdesk And Customer Service With No Code RPA Automation

Human-X RPA is Your Gateway To Automate IT Helpdesk

Our AI platform helps you automate 90% of your IT service helpdesk.

Human-X provides a commendable AI platform trained on a Millions of IT Tickets. The AI platform automatically solves access rights, internal operations, emails, and software updates networks.

Access Rights 90%
Internal Operations 80%
Equipement 40%
Email 90%
Software Updates 80%
Network 80%

Tailor Your ServiceDesk With Human-X RPA

Mitigate Costly Integrations Using Our 1000+ Ready Connectors

Human-X offers ready-made connectors for your CRM, ERP, and all kinds of channels. So you don’t have to worry about high-cost integrations. Our automation services will solve all your IT problems.

Drag And Drop

Drag and Drop interface helps design, create and deploy RPA flows immediately depending on how the situation changes. Thus, you no more have to write long codes as we offer RPA with pre-written nodes. Let us ease your stressful IT tasks for you!

Serve Your Customers With The Efficiency They Deserve!

No customer appreciates long response time and complains about the wait. So we are here to integrate your applications, flows and build ship responses through the first no-code Chatbot/RPA. These are the top-efficient ways to provide quick customer support.

Improve Your Response Time With Our Automation Services And Enjoy No-Complain Days!

AI in a Box

Recommender System
Sentiment Analysis
Optical Character Recognition
Natural Language Progression

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